It all started with a Friday morning jammed packed with graduation cakes, cupcakes, baking and orders….”Let’s order smoothies! I need a cold pick me up!” 

The Juicery, located on Main Street in Durham, has a menu filled with delicious drinks like Very Berry, Peanut Butter Bliss and Faster than Light!!!  It was hot and humid and we were thirsty so all 6 of us got a nice cold smoothie. Until Caroline suggested “let’s do wheatgrass shots!” And I added in, “Yes let’s get one for Alaina!!!”

The group was mixed…why, why would we do THAT?!?!  We have some very particular palates at the shop, ehem Alaina.

Everyone was a trooper and we all took a shot of wheat grass! Had I thought ahead of time I would have planned out getting everyone’s facial expression on camera after consuming it, but needless to say expressions varied and some required chasers to make the taste go away.

Why do it if no one wanted to in the first place?

For FUN. For trying something NEW. For supporting LOCAL. For starting out a significantly long day of orders and setting a “Happy Workspace”.

And boy did it do just that!  Around 3 pm we weren’t sure if it was the wheatgrass or the positive energy in the shop, but something amazing happened. We all were belly laughing for an hour straight about one thing after the other….every single person!  My stomach muscles were tired I laughed so hard. We kept saying, “what’s in the wheatgrass!!”

So the next time you question “drinking the wheatgrass” or doing something outside of your comfort zone…do it!  Friday was a fantastic, fun and silly day. Our bakery was full of positive energy and happy employees.

Get over yourself and just drink the wheatgrass!

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