We recently were approached to do a Wedding photo shoot with Morgan Hope Photography.

With COVID-19 our regular jampacked weekends filled with weddings has come to a halt. We are left to try to support and comfort our customers letting them know we plan to be there when they get married still!  Some are left to elope while others are pushing back their nuptials to next year.  It is such a time of unpredictability and the lesson of flexibility and working with the unknown has been an early lesson for our young couples. Our hearts go out to them, but the wedding must go on!

When Morgan Hope Photography approached us to work with her and create a wedding photo shoot we said, absolutely yes!  It may take some planning and working within our means, but we wanted to participate!  We will eventually see our busy wedding weekends again, and making a cake and Caroline and Alyssa working together to create our beautiful hoop stand brought everyone together and the working relationship with Morgan was wonderful!

Times like these we need hope, we need love, we need to look forward to something in order to hang in there. The weddings will go on and must go on because love conquers all.  Our couples deserve those memories, those special moments when the world is perfect even if it’s just for a moment.

We want our couples to know we still have the faith and we are here. We look forward to doing more tastings and more weddings in the future which is why not only the wedding, but the cake must go on!

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